Monique Jones mortgage broker I’m Monique Jones and I founded Willowgate Finance in 2015.

I’ve worked in Financial Services since 2003 and having talked to hundreds of clients over the years one of their biggest struggles is that they find mortgages and the house buying process confusing and overwhelming. There is so much information available on the internet and even some conflicting advice on the best way to get a mortgage, that it can seem hard to know where to start.   

I set up the business because I wanted to make things simpler for my clients. I’m here to help people who are looking to buy their home, by focusing on you, the client, on your customer journey and experience, and offering the best, most appropriate mortgage and protection advice – whether you are a first time buyer, moving home, looking to save money by remortgaging for a better rate, or buying an investment property to let out.

Every single client’s situation is unique, however the actual step by step process to getting the best mortgage deal approved by the lender is the same. We’ll break it down bit by bit and explain every stage of the process in easy to understand terms, so that you are confident and fully informed of where you are in the process and what happens next in the process, and the timescales involved. 

The first step is to complete a detailed review of all of your circumstances. It is not enough to just know your name, date of birth, salary and how much you owe on credit cards or loans. There are so many other factors in determining the best mortgage solution for you, that best meets your requirements now and in the future.

Once we have an in-depth understanding of your situation, we will then search the whole of the mortgage market to find you the best solution– taking into consideration the lender’s criteria as well. This is so important to research right at the beginning of the process as lending policy differs vastly from lender to lender, and we will make sure the recommended mortgage solution is one you qualify for. 

This is why you don’t see a mortgage comparison or “best buy” table on the website. Before we make a recommendation we check that you qualify on all accounts first – affordability and ensuring you meet the bank’s requirements. Every mortgage is thoroughly researched and we will phone the lender to double check the facts and figures. It’s a belt and braces approach, which can save time, disappointment and possibly money.

The great news is … Willowgate Finance is part of the Legal and General Mortgage Club & Stonebridge Group Network, giving access to mortgages that are not available on the high street, and exclusive products and lenders not available to some other mortgage brokers or by going directly to the lender.

Our level of service is tailor-made to suit you. There is no one size fits all approach.

It is now more important than ever to get the best advice, and we will be on hand to help and can save you time and potentially, money!

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